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The Edmonds School District uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) modeled after Environmental Protection Agency recommended guidelines for the control of structural and landscape pests. IPM coordinates the use of non-chemical methods to prevent pest infestation along with all available pest control methods when an outbreak does occur. These methods include physical (pruning), cultural (using disease resistant plants), and biological means (using Lacewings and Lady Bugs) as well as the judicious use of chemicals. Unauthorized staff is not permitted to apply pesticide products at any school site or facility.

A notice will be posted in the main office 48-hours prior to the application of any biologic or chemical pesticide. It will provide the reason for application and the name of the product to be used. For individual notification, please contact your school's main office. No notices will be sent when students do not occupy the school for at least two consecutive days after application. These procedures do not apply to emergency applications to control pests that pose an immediate health threat (e.g. stinging insects). If application is postponed due to weather, the notification process will be repeated.

For more information about the program, please contact George Marschall, Maintenance Director, at 425-431-7244.


By Washington state law and by Edmonds School District policy, acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying will not be tolerated in schools. (Our Westgate Discipline Policy provides specific consequences for this behavior.)

Harassment, intimidation or bullying is defined as an intentional written, verbal, or physical act which:

1. Physically or emotionally harms a student or damages the student's property; or

2. Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student's education; or

3. Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment; or

4. Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take many forms including slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendos, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats or other written, verbal or physical actions.

School employees, students, parents or volunteers who have witnessed, or have reliable information that a student has been subjected to such acts, are encouraged to report incidents to an appropriate school official.


By Washington state law and by Edmonds School District policy, the issuing of a threat against individuals or against district property will be taken seriously.

Individual-directed threats of violence or harm are communications that create fear of physical harm to a specific individual or individuals, communicated directly or indirectly by any means.

Building-directed threats of violence or harm are direct or indirect communications, by any means, of the intent to cause damage to a school building or school property or to harm students, employees, volunteers, patrons or visitors.

Staff, students, volunteers, and others involved in school activities have the responsibility to report any threats of violence or harm to designated school officials. Persons found to have made threats of violence or harm will be subject to relevant district discipline policies and will be referred to appropriate community agencies, including law enforcement and mental health services.

The district has established a Safe Schools Tipline that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take calls from people who may not be comfortable talking directly with staff at the school level. It is a fast, effective and safe way to let school officials know about unsafe situations without worrying about being identified as the source of the information. Call 425-431-7010 any time.

The Safe Schools Tipline number is


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